Sunday, June 25, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson shows his cling of his NO claim to fame life and how it's all coming down, and showing his true colors and NOT A shine of anything but darkness

NOW I should ignore this, but I was taught never to pass on the chance to shatter the egos of those who are begging for it.
I've been informed that there's a big concerted effort to beat all of my "world records" over at Twin Galaxies in some sort of "effort to discredit me" or something. Basically, a bunch of grown me who don't know me yet have decided they dislike me think that they can get under my skin by setting high scores on video games from the 20th Century.

 REPLY - Almost everyone beating your scores has met, spoken or had a confrontation with YOU that you asked for. I can tell you that your scores are a bunch of time lost hours on end to get nowhere showing why you quit doing them your scores are a joke. 

EGO 17 likes and 6000 followers hmmmmm

NOW I personally think it's hilarious that any of those scores are still in there, a point that shows the lack of relevance that place had had over the past... what now.... 7 or 8 years? A drunken cat should have been able to beat most of those scores in a single try because I put zero effort into most of them.

REPLY - 0 Effort lol like you mean the time you worked all weekend to post about taking down big scores, how you spend days and hours and lost sleep on end???? 738 scores and thousands of EGO posts? I will say Patrick yes all of them can be beat in a single try, and going for your records is like almost hard to even play the pathetic horrible games you play.

NOW No matter what the fairy tale versions of the story say, TG has always suffered from a lack of participation. This is something refs there talked about way before I showed up there, even suggesting that they set minimum score challenges for new tracks and setting up tournaments on games that had no activity for a long time. This is all found in the private referee forums that these critics supposedly have copies of.
When I came onto the staff, TG traffic was at a 8 year low.

Reply - You were never suggested to do anything but ref and show up to events, it was confirmed by Pete and Blaine and all you did was cheat scores till caught, the traffic was at a ALL time high till you started ruining the site than Grace was hired and it got Destroyed........

AND  I was brought onto staff specifically to spark traffic and participation in any way I could. Market research showed that people didn't like being the first to send in a score, but would be likely to send in something that beat an existing score.
So that's what I did a lot of. So did most of the other refs at the time. So did Michael Sroka, who is apparently part of this, despite the fact we had long conversations about this and that he did the exact same thing on a variety of music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Reply -You were brought on because you BEGGED Blaine to be part of the staff and despite you cheated all the time, self entering scores, Melissa trying to enter you FAKE DK KS, forcing you almost not only to resign but, nearly putting you in Jail for stolen property and tampering with the database. Mike never did those things, you Patrick are nobody to spark traffic, look at your failed Business on KLOV, how many people you scammed out of money.

NOW Those were in there TO beat, you goofballs. And any of you self proclaimed "world class gamers" should have been able to do it with no effort. My focus there was on driving traffic to TG so we could get sponsors and more events because then-owner Pete Bouvier was to give me a lot of money once that happened. That's well known, too.

 Reply - all that you are known well for is lies, cheating, criminal activities and trying to be the best at scores thinking you came into a scene with invalids SON alike, thinking you be the best, when you came to find out IT WAS too hard to play with US REAL SELF PROCLAIMED WORLD CLASS GAMERS. So you quit pretending you had other plans which stand 7 years later WITH 0 progress.
NOW There were maybe.... four or five scores I cared about, and even they didn't reflect my best. Those were a bucket list thing simply because I didn't know about TG back in the day, and those were games I'd have held a record on way back when had I known. Those few scores have stood for 5 to 7 years and I didn't care if they stood 5 to 7 minutes. The Mr. Do's Castle score I beat in public at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo last year - with witnesses - anyway... and the Lock 'n' Chase score turned out to not even be the real record anyway after a lost TG scoresheet turned up in 2012. But of course, you guys don't know anything about that, eh?

Reply - So you just admitted tampering with WIKI self entering Lock and Chase knowing your score was NEVER real or official, this will be great to add to your file, you didn't beat jack at Portland everyone knows you go to events for CAMERAS and young girls, you NEVER play a single game.

You were also caught trying to Tamper with Splatterhouse score of Rudy J. Ferretti your same IP address linked to your Banned Wiki Account as you try to sabotage Billy Mitchell

What IS funny about the Splatterhouse score is your writing trying to be William Shakessss of gaming, claiming TG is non credible as opposed to screen shot kings of Aurcade and Galloping Twits, when the REAL score By Rudy was done with a REAL board shown, settings shown, and 100% FOOTAGE, and of course Guinness Accredited!!!!! 

If you in fact cared so much of preserving history rather than your own gain, you would not be out to destroy it in any shape or form collecting dirty old junk of the 20th century, calling it rescues and saying Happy Birthday to games, and writing and praising dead people. 

 NOW I want each of you taking part in this to stop, look yourselves in the mirror and calculate in your head how many hours you've apparently spent working on try and show me up via something I couldn't care less about.
While you've been working on beating the Jawbreaker on TI 99/4a score I spent 11 minutes working on, I've been spending time with my wonderful kids.

Reply - Just like all the time you spend with your kids being on social media 18 hours a day 7 days a week? Why don't you look and stop in the Mirror if you CAN fit, and calculate if you are capable, on how many hours you spend on reporting posts, sabotaging wiki, complaining poor me poor me, following our every move, and and and the hours you spent cheating and posting all over social media????? 

You are still like 4th all-time on Posts of TG and you stopped in 2011 that speaks volumes OF 0 LIFE 

NOW While you've been working on beating Namco Museum collection scores I did one try each on 7 years ago, I was hanging out on a beach in Santa Monica with my beautiful wife.
While you've been using archive websites to spin a conspiracy theory over whether or not I did a common thing on an arcade game nearly a decade ago, I've been working on projects inside an industry that doesn't know you exist.

Reply - Admitting to cheating on DK was not common nor was cheating on any game common, oh the industry knows us Patrick you are the unknown, everyone we ask says who is Patrick???? 

Yeah Santa Monica while you live in the 2x4 home you claimed you be buying this big house moving to LA in 2005 DEAD PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!! 

Rudy worked and LIVED in LA you NEVER have!!!!

NOW What happens when you beat all of those "records" anyway? What's your follow up act, asking my 6th grade crush to junior prom? Heading to your local bowling alley to try and top a score I set there in 1997? Watching more movies than me?

Reply - well soon you will get your claim to fame losing the most records in a short period in gaming history, you will be exposed for the FRAUD you are and soon nobody of merit EVER will work with you or allow you at an event, your making tons of history Patrick Scott Patterson and we are part of it.

Isn't it GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

NOW If you love TG so much and you want to fix so many of their "past problems" why not work on the real ones? Why not track down more of the scores that didn't make it into the rebuilding of the database? Or do you not know about that? How about doing as I did and working to get more people to actually take part? Maybe ask why you've been left on the bench with yet-to-be filled promises while Hall's eSports players are getting paid five figures to play video games?
I don't know the full list of who's taking part in this, and I don't care to. Odds are high I don't know who most of those people are anyway. But man.... each of you.... grow up. Get a life before life passes you by. How many of you are married? How many of you WERE? How many of you are working on anything that will ensure your life is different in 5 or 10 years?
You're pathetic. Have fun stormin' the castle.

 Reply - Nobody knows who you are and you wish you had the skill to play our games, let alone getting paid 5 figures to play games you don't even known how to operate the controls on, fixing the problems you caused will take years to do, a life we have one enjoying games taking you down public in the process.

Your LIFE IS pathetic!!!!!!!

Most pathetic is 17 likes to a 6000 follower FIVVER

You care because you cry off social media EVERY day on the phone about wanting to be part of it!!!!!