Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson gets followed, watched and most of all called out for more ill doings on wiki

We all know the name of fraud, scams and lies and most of all hype and fabrication of Patrick Scott Patterson!!!!

In the recent finds and pity posts that he claimed HE NEVER speak on again yet, speaking on it for the 20000th time in a year below


Patrick's pity day

Seems the term "fake news" applies even to those who claim it in others. Some simply want to state
false information to meet their petty personal agendas.

REPLY - Come off it Patterson like being caught with your own IP address on wiki being banned for ill doings and sabotaging historical facts????? sounds like the only one with a personal agenda is yours tell me was it a personal agenda to AGE 20 years in less than 4 as well?????

First, it was the claim that I don't do anything for charity, a claim that ignores dozens of photos and posts on my social media over the years. This one persisted even as the CEO of Operation Supply Drop publicly and privately confirmed my involvement.

 REPLY - We have yet to see any money, tax write offs or proof you donated a single penny or anything for that matter!!!!!

Then, apparently, came claim that I don't share items I archive with the public. This claim ignores
numerous videos where I've done so within just the past seven months, not to mention the local library event last fall and my presentation of lost prototypes at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

 REPLY - Ok because you do a video that is practiced and edited and your booty buddies at ONE news station means you have historical items and preserve seriously????? All I see is a ton of cottage cheese in that video, a person in desperate need of just for men, and and and a meal plan!!!!!!!!! and maybe a fountain of youth

Then there was also the apparent claim that Archive Alley was 'shut down' and that the contents on it will be going up on eBay. Nothing could be further from the truth on that. Nothing was shut down, I simply phased out the name to simplify things on my end. Anything archived is still archived and will continue to be even after I'm gone.

 REPLY - You did shut it down we spoke to your secret haters you lost control of it because, you were not doing as you claimed and promised, all you do is find, buy and resell and recently you been spotted in goodwill, you are a scamming glorified reseller NOTHING MORE!!!!!

Why these people - none of whom know me personally - do this is beyond me. I don't know if their reading comprehension is shot or if they intentionally spread false information. I mean, we are talkin' here about people who think a place 225 miles from me is my "hometown" and what have you, so there it is.

 REPLY - All of us know or delt with you on some personal level and such, talk about reading and writing skills, repeating the same words patrick by the second and thinking using some odd stupid word like niche and hindsight is gonna make you look like a Rhodes Scholar in such, you couldn't pass 4th grade writing with the way you write.

Long story short, I'm as transparent as crystal stemware about what I'm doing and my direct email and telephone number have been public for over a decade. Questions are always encouraged if you have them, and rest assured that none of the people who make these claims has bothered to use either of them to ask me a single question.

 REPLY - Long story short, checked inn, in hindsight, pathetic, niche, you used at least ONE of these words in the last posts DAILY no less the 4-5 times also we are ALREADY on your 5TH paragraph in this LONG SHORT STORY, Your transparent alright as crystal meth with the smoke of lies, made of stories and trying to fool others, your direct email NEVER gets replied to and here is the LIST YOU HAVE IGNORED both on EMAIL and Telephone

Rudy J. Ferretti
Walter Day
Bily Mitchell
Todd Rogers
Richie Knucklez
William Macevoy
Joel West
Mike Sroka 
and the LIST GOES on 
not to mention LEO DANIELS 
and more and more

They aren't interested in the truth. They are only interested in spreading falsehoods because I choose not to associate with them. Nothing more.

REPLY - No you are not interested in telling the truth even when you get caught in HINDSIGHT of it all


 Patrick Scott Patterson There's a bunch more that these types falsely claim. Again, I don't know if they actually believe what they say or if they intentionally twist words into their favor.


- Claims that I re-brand myself all the time. Not accurate. If anything, you can go back to when I was a teen and look at now and my path would appear as a straight line. Yes, there's been side quests along that route, but video gaming and the history of it has been a constant the entire time, including for almost 19 years online now.

 REPLY - Claims NO FACTS you were a Journalist, wrestler, writer, media personality, multi media personality YOU STOLE THAT claim off Hollyanne Setola, Video Game Advocate, Preserver, collector, gamer, Spokesperson, Historian, entertainer, the list is SOOOOOO long it's worse than any re branding we ever seen, this 19 years online crap does not mean because you had a z level site and email dude, we all had netscape and hotmail in 1996 or whatever so does that mean I been on the net 22 years???? TexasHot shot ego of a failed business

- Claims that we are poor and on social services. False. Has never been true, no idea why they claim otherwise, especially when there are those in their "community" who have had to make use of those kinds of programs at times. They are insulting them at the same time they are lying about me. And yes, I get paid for most of my speaking engagements and always have.

 Reply - Patrick if you WERE not poor you not be living in the WORST part possible near a jail in Denton Texas in a home that goes for under 700 mo all goodies included, live off ACA, act like a total for the system democrat, and you sure as hell would have a regular job, stop the lies it's ok TO BE POOR BUT, by god admit it YOU don't work even PT so yes you are poor

 With a FALSE claim you and your wife BEING The only one who works IF you were in fact making the DENTON Median Income of 68,000 a Year you would NOT qualify for Obama ACA TRUMP CARE so that proves your a liar

- Claims that I "attack" or "bully" people persist, despite the fact they speak of me near daily, along with talking about my family, my private life, my work, my passions, my appearance, my clothes... name it. They play the victim to justify their daily routine, despite the fact that I speak of them once for every 200+ times they speak of me.

 REPLY - When you have 3000 haters yeah they are gonna over power your 1-3 time daily RANTS, also claiming you had some case of a slam dunk nothing more false said maybe dunking your oreos in milk because you sure love cookies or perhaps Brody's Dunkaroo's???? what passions?????, appearance well ya know many options for that, same clothes I feel ya

- Claims that I "have a personal beef" with two individuals they snuggle up with to gain access to free hot sauce. Nothing truthful there, either... my issue with them is how they present inaccurate history that bolsters themselves and omits others who deserve more credit than them... and that they charge money to events to do so. They do this so they can use them as a human shield to justify their hateful obsessions, yet offer no real tangible "protection" of their main hero, who sometimes goes without meals for extended periods of time due to his continued use of whatever he has to give them ego boosting opportunities.

 REPLY - you have personal beef with people all over the US including your little poor town in denton those pics are hilarious you always wanted the attention, glory and fame you never earned, well looks like you got a private eye out there, or candid cameras lol, your just upset because you could never be billy and get a bottle of hotsauce and was not invited to the TV SHOW of REAL preservation you so called have a SUDDEN life long passion for, they DON'T charge pattycakes THEY get BOOKED without asking unlike you!!!!!!! You love to bash Walter, Billy, Rudy and DATA in code don't ya?

I could go on all day, but I've wasted enough time already. Long story short, we have a group of people who do not know me personally yet spend more time on me and my friends than on themselves. Facts don't seem to matter to them, only their mental quest for some sort of "revenge".... all while blind to the fact that I've been doing this gaming stuff for almost my entire life so far and there's nothing they can say or do that will change the fact that I'll still be doing it for decades to come. This is bigger than them, and always will be since they waste their time on trying to tear others down rather than build themselves anything at all.

Reply - Oh why not all you do is GO ON all day posting lies, trying to further you DEAD POOL popularity, and lost LYAN BRAND, another 5-6 paragraphs and you call it long story short....

He is a LONG STORY SHORT Patrick Scott Patterson Of Denton Tx

Your a cheater, liar, scam artist, fraud, thief, been called out, now being watched and followed, you are a disgraceful gamer, person and husband, your a father of lost cause and an abomination against nature, your evil, your sick and twisted......

Get Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have been proven to be all of the above and ya know it and WE KNOW NOW you lied and SHOP GOODWILL AND IN A DAY OR TWO you will post on us again, and shit on scores, players and and shows YOU are not capable, in the least to be part of appearance wise nor QUALIFIED 

Go eat your wings  your wife must be really proud of the globe in her come bedtime