Sunday, September 3, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson cannot keep his hand out of the L-22 Cookie Jar and the Heat makes him Bash stars like Ferretti and Cohen

 Below is Patrick Scott Patterson calling out REAL notable gamers and of course cannot take the heat so he uses pity once again and fabrication


I skipped Colt's first birthday under HIS PERSONAL PROMISE that our promised pay was going to take place. I made a mistake and I'm REAL about it... and you still whine like bitches over it. Then again - as I said before - this is NOT the first time I've posted this exact story... 

Reply - You have skipped many family affairs do to scores and ill doings we seen it on TG forums YOU posted, it's not the first Birthday you missed Patrick

At the same time, some of you knocked me just the same for turning down a guaranteed $30,000 up to a $50,000 payday to do a show with the psycho you support despite his celebrations of our miscarriage, rape threats against my wife, physical threats against me, calling my child a retard and an invalid and his support of a literal stalker who I have the police investigating RIGHT NOW. But yeah, hey... claim I'm a sell out... even after some of you said you'd have taken that show money. 

Reply - Regarding Rudy J. Ferretti a Sag Actor hmmmm no Patrick you do not get 30-50k for a 15-30 min show appearance being a NOBODY on a court show, and you call Rudy a Psych besides you and Cat, nobody ever accused Rudy of cheating, jail concerns, lets see stealing money, false information being entered into mags and books, creating fake people and scores, doing ANYTHING illegal, nobody celebrated your pity me Miscarriage, asking to have your wife after a fight is a trophy not a rape threat, you done plenty of Physical Threats home skillet, well clearly the Invalid stuff is accurate, you have NO investigation and if you do it's now watered down, you are a sell out, you did with mags and sites and kickstarter deals. The reality is the show contacted Rudy and Rudy explained the bad person you were and the SHOW was dropped and it would have been 50-1000 Tops even Rudy would not have gotten more than 567 for the day and he is a SAG actor YOU are not.

Marc Cohen... F YOU. My own personal statement, not representing anything I'm associated with. F YOU. You were invited into our home... my wife made you dinner... I took you to one of my local hangouts, where you gave me your undying support while ripping into the "mental" state of Ferretti. Some time later, you denied to me flatly that you described our home to him, claiming you didn't want to be involved in any drama. You are a liar and a puss of a man. Zero respect for someone who double talks and rips from afar like that, especially after being shown hospitality. Cram it.

Reply - Awww how cute the old F YOU so because he came into the 2x4 Family House and your wife NEVER made him dinner that is fabricated, oh now Rudy is mental ???? and your home should have been a house by now but because YOU don't want to work or get a REAL job it suppresses them while Melissa kills herself daily, all you did was speak about yourself the entire time Marc was there, same at funspot telling him not to stand too close to you to get camera action, F YOU patrick.

The hypocrisy of that community is only trumped by the total lack of information they have before they spout off about shit. I posted this today to HELP YOU, because frankly Mitchell pulled some true bullshit with it and YOU ARE RIGHT to remove it. It was the day I saw the light concerning him and the whole TG fairy tale that so many of you rip me for fighting against AS YOU. START TO SEE IT TOO and start to do the same. Yet my post results in some of you ripping on ME rather than the liar Mitchell and the circumstances.

Suck it.

Reply - Can't take the heat huh patrick it goes back to your L-22 Cookie Jar with ill players Like Steve Sanders 

Patrick Scott Patterson's audience reels and tanks, as he tries to look for pity and fights and tries to cover up his lies and uses tragic events for the publicity

Of course you could bank on it that Patrick Scott Patterson would eventually crack in recent events admitting to a serious ill doing but of course like a ghetto/hood thug he tries to twist and blame others and claimed he was forced to do the ill deed for money, this is what EVERY dirty criminal always says, or even going back to the Nazi Holocaust wars!!!!!!!!!!

All we hear is excuse after excuse, this always proves if his Business did so well up till the Country hit the Skins he quoted, then where is the savings, I mean living in a 2x4 leaky place for under 700 a month, should net ya savings when your making well over median income and living off ACA right?

Funny fact is he was so called rescuing during and after the Hurricanes took place, even after mentioning a death in the family IF it's even true. While he goes to cash in on people in desperate need to sell or give away stuff for him to turn profit.

Instead of donating his own money or clothes or stuff, NOT riding Operation Supply Drops coat tails or other fake/Charities.

NOW A personal statement. I'm hoping someone will do the right thing and direct people to this so it may be taken into consideration.
It's been brought to my attention that the 2010 Donkey Kong score listed by Billy Mitchell has come under the scrutiny of the Twin Galaxies Challenge System that I've recently criticized. While I still think old scores should not be removed from the database based on the opinions of the general public, in this case that community has valid reason to doubt the legitimacy of that score.
Why? Because it was entered without proper verification.
I've told this story before, so I'm going to do the short version here in hopes that people actually note and use the information this time.

Reply - You would know best about Improper entering, verification and ill doings of the data base it caused you to be forced to resign and nearly Jail Time.

In 2010, DK had more verification rules that other titles simply due to the desire to avoid further controversy over title changes.
Days before the Big Bang 2010 event, I personally received a voicemail from Mitchell informing me he had "an exclusive" for me and to call him back. So I did.
He told me that he had set the DK and DKJ records at an arcade near him and that it was witnessed by a TG referee. He asked me to write the article that announced these accomplishments to the world so that it could help draw media attention to his induction into the Hall of Fame in Iowa that upcoming weekend.

Reply - Everyone of Merit knows this but because Nobody of Merit is left in your Fiverr fake circle it makes sense to pity it...

For six hours I received calls with a variety of people on the calls, literally dictating to me how I was going to write the article. Mitchell took offense to the part where I stated that it was "pending official verification" by telling me "it's verified and official now". At that point - when I finally got a word in - I declined to have anything to do with it.
I woke up the next day to learn Mitchell was instead just calling a press conference at the Big Bang to announce it. This was news to David Nelson when I called him about it that afternoon, and he wasn't happy.

 Reply - So right here shows you were pressured MAYBE however it goes back to ethics and will power which you proven over the last decade you have neither. You are the Jump off the Brooklyn Bridge Syndrome man, Hey everybody Pete Told me to Jump off and I get 4gs I was forced to do it and needed the money so I hurt others for the gain.

The first day of the Big Bang event came, and David went to have a chat with Mitchell about this. He came back to me frustrated, telling me that Mitchell said "If you don't publish the score, I'm going to screw ya".
So it came down to a simple vote. All then-TG referees that were at the event (most of the staff at the time was there) went into a hotel room and voted via a private ballot on if we were or were not going to accept the scores. Billy won the vote.

Reply - So instead of taking ethical actions and proper channels you did the weak link move because you were blackmailed and that IS if it is even true considering all the lies you do and have been involved in, you have NO credibility.

Pete Bouvier almost overrode it, but that's when Mark Kiehl popped up at the hotel to give me a disc with his Donkey Kong Junior record on it. Essentially, Mitchell was set to announce a record score he'd already lost and technically never set. That got Bouvier to spin around the other way.
He wasn't proud of it, but there it was. Billy told the TG staff what to put, Pete said to do it, and even the "Because I'm Billy Mitchell" line was faked, created by the writer of the article rather than Mitchell. To quote Pete Bouvier, the scores were entered "to shut him up"
So yeah... Billy Mitchell's 2010 Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior scores were entered into the Twin Galaxies database simply to placate him.. .because he'd brought pressure to do so.

 Reply - So you got a so called Ill disc knowing it was fake and instead of exposing it being a good Journalist Writer you falsify history and let it go in on TG and Guinness, but of course it's everyone elses fault right, despite YOU wanted to be the press guy and go to guy.

Worse yet, we were told to defend accepting the scores, and given that Bouvier owed me $4,000 I needed at the time, I went along with it. Had I known he'd pay us only $800 of it after nearly five months of waiting, I'd have gone ahead and spilled it.
But it's also one of the reasons - along with that shorted payout - that I quit in early 2011. It's also the point in time where I began to question the legend of Billy Mitchell. While some like to defend him against me claiming I have some personal grudge... that's not it, people. It's going through this and seeing other instances that suggest he's done this to many that make me question most of what he says. He tried - and failed - to order me as to how to write an article about him... but he successfully lobbied to have scores entered and press created for him with ZERO validation as per the rules at that time.

Reply - All you cared about was money you have 0 proof you were promised a DIME, it was handshake deal and considering the people you screwed out of fame and money over the years too bad it did not leave you in the poor house, sorry that already is the reality.

I'm sick over not standing up for it back then. Then again, standing up against that stuff now gets me heat, too. Either way I guess.
But at the end of the day, I have serious doubts about the validity of that 2010 score and while I still believe that Challenge System is the wrong idea... in this case I can personally attest to the fact that there are numerous reasons to question it.
I know there are people there who don't care for what I have to say about anything, but there it is. I wouldn't feel right if I didn't bring this back up now, as I think there are valid reasons to question that score and the events surrounding it.

Reply You are a Sick Individual money hungry driven liar, scam artist no good ill doing horrible person, nobody should work with you after this and if they do they are stupid....

This also explains why you keep reposting getting 1-15 likes in many cases 0 and up to 100 posting other peoples work and pics of gaming stuff, you sure posted lots on Harvey even jokes, anything to gain interest or money Patrick........


Friday, September 1, 2017

A motion and Proposal was made today to remove and ban Patrick Scott Patterson's scores and history