Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson cries out for the attention of his life poor me poor me pity me, help me excuse for all, never wrong, what is YOUR claim to Fame????

Patrick Scott Patterson not only cannot keep himself out of trouble and ill doings BUT TROUBLE has now found him and he brought it on himself!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you have people that catch on over the years to your lies and made up truman show type life, and it gets to the point your called out by hundreds and HATED nationwide, and it comes to you being exposed, followed,photographed, you are NOT a good person and you are well aware BUT IN denial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is NO falsehood Patrick it dates back to your early 2000's scams,wrong doings and illegal practices KLOV Texashotshot anyone can look up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your failed forced to shutdown Mickey Mouse Work Arcade Repair shop

Your lies about not knowing and watching Major Names in gaming that are NOT jealous of little small time niche people like yourself!!!!!

Before we take a further crack at this Blog, lets examine one CRITICAL thing here!!!!!!!!!

What is your Claim to Fame Patrick??????
Failed Kickstarters
Living off ACA?
Living off Melissa??
Never holding a real Job?
The lie you were in the NWC let alone any semi finals???
The lie you got a DK KS ?
The lie you don't watch every move of ACTUAL celeb gamers?
The fact YOU ARE soon to be the the FIRST gamer in history to LOSE 730 plus scores????
The fact you were caught by referees self entering scores, and cheating using extra lives?
The fact you were forced to Resign from TG?
Maybe the fact YOU nearly went to Jail 2x for stealing and holding hostage intellectual property of not just Twingalaxies But of players?????
Maybe your claim to fame are the FAKE charities you run?????
Maybe that your the ONLY person in history to rebrand over 20 times in 11 years??????
Perhaps the fact you ran off with peoples money for repairs you ruined and boards and systems you fried????
Maybe that you created fake submitters and scores??? against Rudy?
Is your claim to fame the incomplete FALSE info and stories you wrote in articles like Spaltterhussies???
Perhaps the ONLY person that claimed 35 years of Passion to say he didn't ever care about High scores and used to post about it by the min????
That your failed Wrestling career never went to the level you wanted ????
You make the most pity posts in SOCIAL MEDIA HISTORY for sure?????
Having the MOST youtube videos removed for violations?
the most photos and articles stolen shopped and re written????
the things you take credit for never even attempted let alone did???


You hold quite a claim to FAME Patrick Scott Patterson, you are in FACT the greatest, liar, scam artist and failure in Modern History of Entertainment, and Gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!

You forgot to add you told several others at the event not to get too close to you when cameras are near, and didn't speak to anyone but Cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The USNVGT is not your's BY law it can be retracted at any time
The fact is people are after you and pissed off for stealing and re selling in private special things sent to you LIAR, you not donated more than 25.00 to any charity, no proof any items of yours were donated.
BLAH BLAH BLAH we all know what you sell resell and use and lie about, just like the DEAD mans boxes you SAID you wanted out of resellers hands and you RESOLD them on ebay ripping people off on shipping and costs!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody but you cares about the Archive Alley which is Niche and NON existent!!!!!

Get a Job to Finance the Project WHY should donations and living off your wife be the ONLY option?


 REPLY#2 Several people are following you and taking pics and watching your ill doings, some of these people you owe apologies, money and other make ups for your ill doings, it's catching up, you know there is proof your mouth running all day trying to plea your lies is PROOF, nobody cares YOU CALLED the police and you made it worse by posting about it NO cop police or Court will take YOUR case that you don't have SIMPLY now more so BECAUSE of your mouth, speaking about it and saying it don't bother you and nor do you care MORON...

A judge and police dept will DISMISS your land of make Believe case, by you PUBLIC posting downplaying the Situations!!!!!!!! You must have ate Paint chips as a kid or perhaps dropped at a young age, and it's evident!!!!!!

Paranoid Droid Tuna Melt head well Nobody knows anything except WHAT you speak upon and your warning means EMPTY promises like your DAILY big big THINGS coming est 2006 never to occur.

You crossed your own line screwing people over, stealing and lying over the years PAY BACK IS a bittersweet situation, you like to WATCH and stalk Rudy and others NOW yours is a reality in your face YOU ALWAYS wanted and cannot take!!!!!!!

It takes MONEY to SUE, get a COURT case You HAVE 0 and here is the NEXT proof you have no leg to stand on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The above ARE actual legal facts regarding your situation READ EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 REPLY #3 You never cared you posted ABOUT it every month and sometimes DAILY for days and months and YEARS on end, you AGED 20 years in the last 4 in ur face, gut and overall look, not stressed my ass, and you DO care what everyone thinks you prove it daily, asking advice, bragging about fake false goals and things you never did, and of course LYING to push things YOU DID ILL, you called people CRYING about it, including Jace Hall in the middle of the NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

 REPLY #4 Jut like Patrick you CARE or you spend 18 hours a day 7 days a week on US

 But it's OK for you to try to sabotage the MAN and Company that made you anything you ever were????? what bigger picture more lies, a way to feed your family with NO real job, so melissa can work while you play HOUSEWIFE?, The ONLY false history is YOUR LIFE, and the claims you lie about on others, and Sabotaging wiki with ur new panty sniff!!!!!!!!! yup 1000s of miles on your car to make 50.00 a week run it into the ground, despite you NEVER PLAYED A game till 2006, and the way you eat, and live in a cess pool mess, short sleep kills when ur 150 pounds overweight btw!!!!!!

You tried to SELL those tapes to many outside of social media, your sheds ARE part of your 700.00 rent your WIFE pays we all called and checked, they are rusted, leak and are full of bacteria, GAMERS tapes GOT ruined BECAUSE of your neglect and lazy ways you live, you didn't SPEND A DIME, No Courier could come, you were NEVER avail, your belly, your gut hurt, wife was sick, SAME EXCUSES ON KLOV.COM, Heat DID not warp the tapes, you THREW EM out because your not a good man, TAPES were stored in NEVADA HEAT IN GARAGES YEARS ON END 

THEY DON'T WARP U LIAR Perhaps your brain did, YOU were nearly PUT IN JAIL By Pete and Jace for these ILL doings REFUSAL ON your end!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

FLAT OUT LIAR you are and maybe WHEN your lies, stealing, and ill doings stop the TROUBLE you brought on you and others JUST might go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find GOD first because your in need of it badly!!!!!!
 Ask for forgiveness
Come Forward like the Ugly fat man in Billy Madison did

It's Time Patrick it's a Sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we know you are sick and not well but it's OK to say sorry and let the gaming world know your not to be trusted or worked with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 You are an EVIL person Patrick Scott Patterson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
come clean

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