Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson Proves his reeling appearance bothers him and does all he can to pad it in censoring ways not revealing his entire self

Here are SOME public photos of Patrick Scott Patterson in the LAST 5 Years or so!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer the follwing photos are public photos posted by Patterson and are under the FAIR use act

The following photos are ORIGINAL and not photo shopped in any way to prove patterson has Gained massive Weight and Aged drastically in the last 5 to be fair 7 years to age over 20 years even IF it was taken in 2007 AGING 20 YEARS IS A DISGRACE
Here is a photo taken in 2009-2013

Abdomen big not that BIG YET
 Normal u can see his creases in his face and know he has an addams apple still overweight not much
 Cranium increase by nearly 4 inch radius NO not a camera issue or any shops, wrinkles, greying, massive Abdomen at least 100-150 lbs gained between 2009-2017
 Below is within the last 5 years u see his Cranium and neck mass growing and Abdomen not much yet
 Cranium expanding
 Now from 2009-2017 See neck smaller cranium normal still hideous but normal
 Same here no big gut yet or enlarged cranium

Here you can see no addams apple and a massive mass of neck and cranium growth

Patterson is way over 6 ft tall and now weighs 380 Lbs

Used to weight as low as 260 he claims 240

So to be fair will say 100-120 Lbs gained in 8 years

Not to mention massive Mass of Fat around the face, abdomen and neck which is in fact high risk for Diabetes, heart disease and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Scott Patterson Hydroxycut is avail as Walgreeens

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